Monsters of Rock went under the radar!

2007-07-18 19:27:25 by mongoid

Hey guys,

My NG/ArmorGames Rock-Off contest entry 'Monsters of Rock' kinda went under the radar. I submitted it shortly before the site went down for redesign. Head on over and let me know what you think!



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2007-07-18 19:40:33

Yeah, thats a bugger, mine kind of went unnoticed as well... I don't think it'll do very well... can't even remember its name..Onstacku or something...

mongoid responds:

What? Hahaha, you must be joking! You had one of the most original entries! I look forward to seeing how you placed! Good luck!!



2007-07-18 20:49:43

I played your game under judgement, it's very very well done, but sorry to say "just another GH clone" describes it pretty well. I know how you feel with the whole "under the radar" thing since I submitted at around the same time and suffered from the NG downtime and redesign glitches also.

Good luck getting it noticed some more!

mongoid responds:

Yeah, I'll agree. It's just another GH clone. :-P

But unlike the others, my clone has sustained notes, multiple storylines, and doesn't lose sync with the song after 1 minute (Typical flash setTimer() bug). I'm hoping that's enough for me to place in the contest! Besides, they asked for the games to be inspired by Guitar Hero, DDR, and Elite Beat Agents...

Good luck on your submissions BoMToons! You did an awesome job yourself!! I can't believe you got Pulsum out that fast!



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